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Vpn Router vs VPN Service

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How VPN Works?

A Virtual Private Network is widely used to unblock sites, access the content which is available in a specific region or country, to browse anonymously and to hide your identity.

VPN tunneling creates an end to end connection which is unacceptable for third parties. This connection ends in the user device. For this purpose, the end device (user device) mush have an application/software.

This software runs in the background and does not shows any notification until there is not Performance error. This performance usually effects with a poor connection.

What is VPN Service?

A VPN service is that when you install a software or app on your device. This app connects with the VPN provider’s server using an internet connection. You are allowed to choose your desired connection location and also other settings like protocol type etc. These settings are accessed from the app that you have installed.

After connection, all your traffic (browsing) passes from the VPN provider’s server and then they hide your actual location and shows their server location to ISPs and other trackers.

What is a VPN Router?

A VPN router is a device which allows third party VPN services. Instead, of using a VPN app, use a VPN router because it has lots of benefits.

Why VPN routers are better than VPN service? Read the below one by one comparison which will make you sure that the VPN router is more worthy.

Why VPN Router is Better than VPN Service?

No Limitation

Unlike a VPN service or app, VPN router does not have any limitation. You can connect as many as devices you want to connect. This is the major benefit of a VPN router.

For the sake, consider Express VPN. It will allow you to connect 6 devices under one account but in case of VPN router, there is no limitation.

No Individual Security Setting

By using a VPN router, you have to set up it at once and it will be universal, all the device will follow up the same pattern.

No Individual Installation

In case of VPN service, you have to install the software or app separately on each device while in case of router you will set up at once and all the browsing will be private for all the connected devices.

Connect Any Type of Smart Device

This is another major advantage. Might be a VPN provider is not offering smart TV, gaming console or other types of application. Using a VPN router, you feel free to connect any type of device either it is a gaming console or a smart TV.

Connect Multiple VPN Services and Servers

In the case of a VPN app, it is very annoying to switch between VPN services and servers. VPN routers make it easy to switch between services.

Privacy Remains Active

With a VPN router, you do not need to much worry about switching it on and offer. It will remain active and hence you should not worry about kill switch.

Faster than VPN Apps

It is also noticed that VPN routers are faster than VPN app. Actually, in the case of VPN service, there is a third client (app) between your connection and the VPN server.

These were advantages of VPN router over VPN service or app. Alike, it also has a few disadvantages.

Mayor May Not Work with Netflix and Similar Sites

When your device will automatically connect with a VPN (router) there is a very good possibility that you will not be able to connect with Netflix and Amazon Prime. For this purpose, you need a VPN service.

Need High-Quality Router

The local router does not work best with third party VPN. To set up a VPN router and gain the maximum speed and stability, your router must be high-quality other you may be disappointed.

After reading the pros and cons of a VPN router, I can suggest that the VPN router is better if you want to connect more then one device. This is best for business places and offices. On the other hand, it is not too good for streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

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