It's important for VDR systems to have the capacity to store all the data their client generate

Nowadays, money is an important component of life; however, sometimes, it is information that cannot be touched or touched that becomes noticeably more valuable, especially if scammers can use it for blackmail, theft, or bullying.

Even if you have a small business serving a few hundred customers a month, you must carefully protect your customers’ data. This is where VDR technology can come to the rescue. This is the most advanced way in this century to protect customer data and yourself from reputation loss.

Why would attackers need your customers’ data? ‘

You may ask, “Why would anyone want my customer data when I am such a small and inconspicuous businessman?! So why should I spend money on data protection? The answer is simple: even elementary information that falls into the wrong hands can become a source of big problems for your customers.

For example, scammers can use it in the following ways.

Apply for a microloan online

For large microfinance organizations to receive an online loan, as a rule, it is required to take a photo with your passport. But on some sites, you can apply for a loan by knowing the last name, first name, date, place of birth, number, date of issue, and passport code.

If fraudsters contact several of these microfinance institutions at once, they will be able to borrow a large amount.

Get a SIM card

Criminals can issue a new SIM card according to passport data and use it in phone scams. For example, they will definitely ask for a passport to receive a SIM card in the communication salon. But the client can persuade the employee to use a scan of the document because the original was “forgotten” at home.

Pretend to be a bank and fish out other data to steal money from a card

This data is enough to strike up a conversation with the victim under the guise of a bank and get the missing information to steal money from the card: password to enter the Internet bank, CVV code.

Blackmail and bully

If you have any confidential personal data of clients or fraudsters can get it with the help of stolen information, they can extort large sums of money from your clients for non-disclosure.

How can a virtual data room help?

It is best to store information on cloud servers since physical media are not highly reliable.

  • A virtual data room is a secure cloud that resembles a safe deposit box. This technology uses the same encryption keys as in banking transactions.
  • Flexible access settings allow you to protect unwanted company employees from valuable information that can be stolen.
  • Also, all virtual data rooms are equipped with strong authentication mechanisms – even if your employee loses the password, no one will be able to use his account without authentication.

If you are still in doubt and do not know how to approach virtual data rooms, then the article will help you understand all the intricacies of this process.

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