How Can Online Data Rooms Software Help Your Accounting Staff?

The concept of online data rooms is no longer surprising, but not everyone knows how it works, and why it was created. We will try to answer these questions.

Improve Your Accounting Staff by Data Room Software

Improving the structure and mechanisms of state and municipal financial control and the formation of a system for monitoring the effectiveness of budget expenditures are among the main tasks of the state budgetary policy. The systems of risk management, internal control, and internal audit existing in the world can be divided into two main traditions of organizing internal control systems, which are conventionally called “decentralized” (in Europe, it is represented in the UK and the Netherlands) and “centralized” (in Europe, it is represented in France, Spain, Portugal, and Luxembourg).

Data collection may include the following typical work:

  1. Interviewing the users of the OS of the educational institution (pedagogical and administrative employees of the educational institution who use drugs in their work).
  2. Documentary examination (analysis of submitted documents).
  3. Visual inspection of infrastructure, network inventory.
  4. Instrumental examination (instrument measurements): load (stress) testing of the local network; load testing of distributed network communication channels; monitoring the “health” of the network and network services; assessment of the quality of the communication channel with the Internet.
  5. Assessment of the state of information security of drugs.
  6. Collection of configuration and operational information.

Another key difference between cloud services is their relative cheapness compared to a standalone server. The user pays only for the disk space that he needs to work. The main thing is that a person does not need to pay for computer power (the amount of allocated RAM, processor time, etc.), as is the case with renting a server or even shared hosting.

Accounting Staff and Analysis of the Audit

Analysis of the state and characteristics (audit) of a local network is a set of measures aimed at finding out the current state of affairs in the local network of an educational institution (the number and location of computers and network equipment, identifying the characteristics of computers and installed software, determining the structure of the cable system), searching and identification of bottlenecks. Based on the results of the audit, a report is prepared to describe the current state of affairs and to contain recommendations for further modification or operation of the local network.

It is advisable to audit a local network in the following cases:

  • before upgrading the network so that you can design a new network based on objective data;
  • after upgrading the network, to make sure that the local network has been implemented adequately to the requirements of the educational process;
  • to assess the quality of service. For example, to make sure that the Internet provider fulfills its obligations on the quality of the service provided;
  • when transferring the functions of administration of the local network to another person or organization.
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