Avast antivirus review

As you know, all ingenious is simple. An example of a simple and ingenious antivirus can be called Avast, who has been a leader in the tops since 2017. The rating show, this is the most convenient free antivirus for PC protection.

What is Avast?

This is a multifunctional antivirus designed for free use. The protection program effectively fights all sorts of spyware, malware and simply protects your system. You are waited by the convenient interface, nice design, quite fast and high-quality check of software. Simply put, Avast antivirus review is a guarantee of a high level of personal computer protection. It will monitor all downloaded information. Moreover, the security scanner rather quickly monitors the penetrated malware and almost instantly destroys it.

Avast is the best pick for those who use many devices united in one network. It offers free scanning of a home Wi-Fi or a wired network and each available device. Its tools in a free version are equal to what most competitors offer in their premium packages. Avast is a perfect antivirus for playing gameswatchingmovies or making a presentation in full screen. Its Do Not Disturb Mode will block all popups.

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New Avast features in 2019

In 2019, the antivirus received some upgrades. Now the program has new options and works much better and performs its functions. Let’s look at the most remarkable.

  1. Home Network Security protects all connected devices to your home network.
  2. The file system screen tracks and cleans all processes that run on your computer in real time.
  3. Intelligent scanning monitors traffic and prevents spyware.
  4. It protects email from receiving and sending malware in attachments.
  5. Thanks to cleaning the browser you will stop tormenting with annoying type search engines, and also suffer from an inconvenient control panel.
  6. Moreover, now you can also not worry about the history of visits – the avast antivirus will clean it regularly and efficiently.
  7. Software updater – checks and installs updates for free programs in automatic mode.
  8. Game Mode – antivirus notifications will temporarily shut down, and the load on the system decreases until the game exits.

Indeed, Avast has become faster and better to perform its functions, and the work has become more streamlined and optimized. With this version, you can forget about annoying ads. In this case, the software will receive only verified updates. Moreover, the program can create a rescue disk for scanning, protect your banking operations, ensure safe surfing on the Internet and at the same time will not burden the computer.

What disadvantages can wait for the user?

Of course, nothing goes without flaws, and Avast also has its problems. From them, we can distinguish such moments as:

  • Avast free antivirus software sometimes blocks normal software and suspects viruses. That is, beats a false alarm.
  • Antivirus does not block pop-up windows in the browser (advertising) as standard.
  • To activate the trial version asks for login with an account;
  • Avast Antivirus Pro software, avast! Endpoint Protection Suite provides more options.

If you look, then many antiviruses require the creation and login to your account. As well as the problem of pop-up windows is very common. As for blocking normal software by the antivirus, you can simply create whitelists or adjust the problem manually.


Avast free is the easiest and most affordable free antivirus. Let’s start with the fact that you do not need to pay for it. But from time to time you will be offered to register and tell that the paid version is much more reliable and more useful. And so at any convenient time, you can download avast absolutely free on the official website. A nice bonus is Google Chrome, which they offer to install along with free antivirus. Please note that only paid versions of the antivirus program can boast remote control and control of endpoints, as well as an antispam and firewall. So for the full security will have to pay. But given the democratic cost of the license, you only win. We think that Avast will stay at the top of the best antivirus programs for a long time. Crackers really add a lot of attention to the bugs and fix them. Every year, the program acquires more and more new functions, improves its capabilities and makes its customers happy with a secure system.

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