Dog House Igloo: A Review of the Best Model

A dog house in the form of an igloo is a creative and interesting solution. Such houses are original, reliable, and light. Also, the igloo is easy to clean, it is easy to clean, it holds air well and keeps warm. How to choose an igloo for a dog and what to consider – we will tell you in our igloo dog houses review.

Why is an igloo a good decision?

Dog houses are designed to protect your pet from the cold. The dog needs a place where it could hide from rain and cold. Rest on a hot day and just sleep if it lives in the yard. It would seem that for this it is quite enough for an ordinary dog ​​house.

However, a dog house may not be comfortable enough. The fact is that an ordinary dog ​​house can be too cramped, stuffy, or even uncomfortable. Some models are too hot to sleep in the summer, some are too cold because it allows wind and cold to pass through. The igloo was created on the same principle as the original Eskimo analog: protect from the cold from the outside and keep the heat from the outside.

How to choose an igloo for a dog?

It remains only to understand which house you need to choose? PetStore offers dozens of options. Sometimes it’s difficult for a buyer to decide because there are so many models! Therefore, we are ready to help you with the choice and will make you a selection of the best options for a dog igloo.

Petmate Indigo: Best for a Puppy

Petmate Indigo doghouse with one of the most classic dogs igloo designs are perfect for your puppy! This is an aesthetic and cute option for your pet. The igloo has enough space for the dog to lie down, stretch its legs, and simply stick its head out to look around.

Diverse design

We offer such an igloo in two versions: dark gray and black. Or dark brown and black. There are also different variations of this house: from large to very large!

The choice is only yours, and we hope that you will not find the best for your fourth friend with our help.

The benefits of a dog house in the form of an igloo

So, this model has obvious advantages:

  • One of the best soundproofing
  • The harmonious combination of colors and shades
  • Ventilation of fresh air through the roof, so that the dog has constant access to air.
  • The opening is offset, which allows you to effectively protect yourself from rain.
  • The antibacterial coating protects the house from bacteria and fungi.

That is why we could not help but draw your attention to this wonderful device. There are a lot of advantages, also, such a model has a favorable price. In this igloo, the dog can feel comfortable, fully relax, exfoliate. In the gut, it will be protected from sunlight and hot air, and in the cold, it will be warm and comfortable. If you liked this option, we recommend choosing the most pleasant color and the most suitable model in size for your ward.

How to Insulate an Igloo Dog House?

In general, such houses are initially isolated and do not need additional insulation. But for extra protection, you can resort to this step. To do this, take insulating aerosol foam or place it under the outer ledge. Also, a great way would be: raise the igloo above the ground or lay a warm mat there. The earth can keep hold for a long time in frosty times. A rug or any lift will help protect your dog from such temperatures and will not allow freezing.

The PetStore store offers many options for your dog. There are houses for dogs of various designs, beds, cages, aviaries, and feeders. All this is made by the best manufacturers with proven quality. Let’s take care of your pet together!

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